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NeverWinter Nights is available in two main variations. The first variation was launched in 1991 and available up to 1997. Players have the ability to take advantage of the three different service packs that included more features and options during gameplay. A sequel was launched in 2006, including much greater game options and better graphics. The sequel was based on the first game, ensuring players from the original variation didn’t have to get used to a whole new game.

The design and development team worked well together to create the first massive multiplayer role-playing game, which is also one of the main aspects that made the game popular for players around the world. Players can enjoy both campaign and multiplayer online gaming options offering an incredibly large world with the ability to host game servers.

Gameplay and characters


At the beginning of a new campaign, players are required to create a new character that represents them during the game. There are various types of characters that can be selected that offer different skills and abilities. With these characters, players will have the ability to select different looks and skills for each of the characters. You can also choose one of the pre-made characters with a set selection of skills and abilities.

Game players kept interesting by using various aspects from the game Dungeons and Dragons. In more than one aspect of this makes the game very interesting as the outcome of scenarios such as battles will be determined by the role of a dice. This dice includes 20 sides and will be used to determine the action of the character as well as the damage done. Using stronger weapons simply increases the number of sites the dice has to accommodate the ability to deliver more punch.


Multiplayer is definitely one of the main reasons for NeverWinter Nights to be an incredible success it has become. Players can expect a whole new experience with online play that supports just about all hardware and bandwidth with different worlds available.

Various builders exist among the player community that is constantly creating new worlds and custom content to be enjoyed. These games are available online only with the ability to change the game in various aspects. The builder can completely change the layout, characters and story line of the game when creating a new online world.


The campaign option of the game offers an interesting story with many twists and turns depending on the results of your last action. An incredible plot can also be expected and involves various characters from NeverWinter Nights. The game offers the action packed experience while being entertaining and requiring some well thought out plans to ensure success.

Before you enter the main game the incredible selection of training will be offered to you. The type of training that you receive will depend on your player and he’s qualities including strengths and powers. The training could be somewhat time-consuming, but well worth it as all your weapons and spells will be explained and tested. The tutorial also includes information about the game itself and leads you into the main game.