The campaign side of the game has a lot to offer with over 60 hours of play time. Much like the multiplayer variation, all your actions are determined by the role of dice. This is much like the Dungeons and Dragons table game that will determine your method of attack as well as the results.

Before the game begins, players are required to create the characters or select one of the characters that have been created for you. You also have the ability to create a new character from scratch, allowing players to adjust skill levels, in-game appearances and many other factors that make a difference in your game. Campaign is the story mode offered with NeverWinter Nights. Players can enter this mode with their created characters that can also be used in multiplayer modes.


Once story mode has been entered, you will find your character under Lady Aribeth’s guidance. Your character will be sent to recover four creatures that are needed to produce a cure for the wailing death.


With the help and guidance from Fenthick and Desther your character will have the abilities to at complete this mission and bring back the needed creatures. However, you are attacked by a cult of mysterious assassins as these creatures are retrieved. The attackers are a part of the plague that has been spreading.

Castle NeverWinter is also attacked while the queue is being made by the minions of Desther, who has betrayed by heroes and escapes the castle with the completed clear. Your player and Fenthick go after Desther and eventually catch up, resulting in a short battle during which Desther surrenders. His sentence results in being burnt at the stake and even though Fenthick has no knowledge or doing in the true intentions of Desther, he is sentenced to be hung. Your character the Meet-up with Aribeth where you plan to search for the cult that is responsible for the attack on the castle. With the help of a spymaster known as Aarin Gend. Your character manages to read few letters and diaries of the dead that belonged to the cultists, many of these letters come from a person named Maugrim, which causes Aribeth to believe the headquarters of the cult is in Luskan.

After you character arrives in Luskan, he hears rumors that Aribeth has secretly been planning to join the cultists. The characters fears are confirmed after seeing Aribeth meeting with Morag (queen of the old) and Maugrim. The words of power are all retrieved by the character except for one that has been held by the cult. With these at hand, the character discovers that they pocket the world inside the Source Stone is opened with these words, which also reveals where the old ones and Morgan are. With all this information the player character confronts Aribeth, which results in her being killed or surrendering. The outcome of this confrontation depends on results created by the dice rolls in the background.

The character then battles Maugrim in order to retrieve the last word needed. The character then enters the world and battles Morag who is killed. The character escapes the world, which implodes moments after.