Game Features


Players have many different game options and settings to use in both multiplayer and campaign modes. The storyline is another aspect that’s very important to the game and that will get you far wilds seeing how all the pieces come together.

The official campaign of NeverWinter Nights surprises the original scenario and game engine. In total, gameplay consists of approximately 60 hours of play during the campaign. Player character development is a key feature of the game, which comes together with every stage, eventually shaping the hero of the story. Actions of the player character include defeating a cult of great power, starting a plague that requires the collection of four reagents and finally planning and attacking the city of NeverWinter. However, before the city is the fact the player is required to travel on the outskirts of the city and complete various tasks. One of these includes traveling north and reaching the city of Luskan. As mentioned, various quests become available along the way.

game features

Much like Dungeons and Dragons, players are first required to create a new character before game play can begin. The player has all the options, including the ability to select a character that has already been created for you. For those of you who would like to customize characters or create your own, this will be completely possible and customizable. Various aspects of each character can be adjusted including the race, gender, the class of your character, alignments and ability scores, which includes strength and intelligence. Skills can also be selected, but be careful with a selection as one strong skill could present weakness in a different skill. Your character’s name and in-game appearance are also fully adjustable to suit your requirements. Your selected class such as outdoorsman or healer will play a great effect on the feats and skills selected for your character.

Once game play begins, players can get ready to experience four different chapters of the story. Each chapter holds a different story line that will all fall together at the end. With each story line or chapter, various quests are presented that could change the aspect of the story and your character. This will all depend on the west’s that have been completed. When you complete more of these quests, gameplay will become easier as your character will become more advanced at a faster rate. This offers an incredible advantage in the later stages, which is why quest completion is highly recommended.

Many aspects of the game are based on Dungeons and Dragons third edition. For example, the outcome of results and actions such as skill usage or combat will randomly be determined via the role of the dice. For example, when entering a battle a D20 (20 sided) dice will be rolled that will determine the action and average done by your character. Using stronger weapons, a dice with even more sides is used.

The dice results are usually hidden and calculated in the background of the game. Players will have the ability to change the settings and see the results of each roll and have more control over the game with a mouse.