Graphics and Sound


NeverWinter Nights offers a unique gaming experience based on rules from Dungeons and Dragons. Most of us know D&D is a table game offering two additional graphics, but an incredible story line that can change within seconds depending on the role of your dice.

The results of your actions are determined in a very similar way to D&D, but the graphics are definitely much better and actually offer three dimensional. While playing the game, various aspects of the graphics will enhance your gaming experience while playing campaign, multiplayer or even when you create your own world.

Over the years various patches have become available for the first version, second version, and third version. These features include various upgrades for the game, including some quality and graphics. These patches can be downloaded and installed without changing the game in any way. However, players will experience benefits with new items in the world, smoother graphics, and a better overall gaming experience.

graphics and sound

Moving around on the map has become much easier and more advanced. Players have the ability to zoom in on the characters and get a full 360-degree view of the character. This is available with any item allowing you to scan around for clues, hidden items water simply look around. Settling in on your character will offer better detail of the items he is wearing. The developer has also included incredible detail in the floor tiles, items within the map and other characters that approach you. Various aspects of the graphics also allow a better gaming experience with small details such as the arch of a door disappearing as you walk through.

Earlier versions of the game did not offer these types of graphics as small items such as your hands simply appeared as blocks. Small modifications are available in the game that changes this to look like ants along with many other items. The quality of your graphics card will have a great impact on what can be changed in the game. Some of the older machines that existed when the game came out, might not have been able to handle the graphics, which is why the developer used the small differences to accommodate all players.

Focusing more on the side quality of the game, players will find the characters approach you all have different voices with clear quality. Many of the older role-playing games did offer small details such as this, which is definitely a benefit to the overall the game. Players also find background sounds, including various aspects such as your footsteps or when another character approaches. Entering different rooms will offer a change in sound and accommodates with the background sound would be in that specific room.

In some cases, the game requires quite a bit of reading especially when you are interacting with another character. When a character speaks to you, the game will offer various responses that pop up on the top left-hand corner of your screen. In this corner, you can also see a picture of the character and who he is. The patches and expansion packs available are definitely worth getting as you upgrade your computer. These days, any modern computer will have the ability to run every aspect of the game perfectly.