Levels and Characters


NeverWinter Nights is the role playing game that offers an incredible amount of detail when it comes to levels and characters. The game first became available in the mid-nineties and soon became one of the most popular roles playing games for its incredible graphics creating 3D and the ability to explore the entire world. Online multiplayer options are also huge with the game, giving players the ability to meet each other and play against each other in a created world.
The worlds can be created by players and completely customize for a gaming experience that is never the same. There are also various expansion packs and patches that are available as add-ons to give players more options as well as features during the game.


Levels and Characters

As most of you will know NeverWinter Nights 3 is the latest seconds to the game. With this players can expect many more features and a great for the characters along with better graphics throughout the entire game. There are however many players who still play the first version and enjoy the most. It also included various character upgrades and abilities for all players.

Players have the ability to create both male and female characters that come with unique features and costumes. Choosing male or female will not change the aspect of the game or the storyline in any way. Choosing the race for your character is one of the most important aspects of creating a new character. There are eight options to be selected and each of them come with a fall explanation of the abilities, advantages and disadvantages of this race. Since this is a fantasy world, players will have the ability to select just about any race ranging from a human to org. Elves and gnomes are also popular among the selection.

The next step will include the portrait for your character that can be selected from a large variety. The portrait is used to identify your character and will be shown to other players during multiplayer. Next, you will be able to choose a class for your character that includes anything from a monk through to a wizard. The game provides an explanation of each character, which also has to do with their abilities during the game. The alignment of your character further narrows the type of character and its abilities. Once again, the game provides a full explanation of each alignment to ensure you make the best selection for the best gaming experience.

When selecting of characters abilities, be sure to choose wisely as your selection is limited. There are various aspects to consider including strength, wisdom, intelligence, charisma, dexterity and constitution. Higher strength will obviously help you during battles, but intelligence will provide more clues and the ability to cast spells correctly and effectively.


Each of the games including the first, second and third sequence includes various levels that can be played. This doesn’t only include levels within the game, but also levels that can be achieved with your character. The level you go through all depends on your character type that has been created.
This is one of the main features that makes the game so enjoyable as you have the ability to simply change the characteristics of your character and replay the game in a whole new way.