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People who play other types of games such as first person shooters or racing games, need to keep in mind that NeverWinter Nights is a game of a different caliber as you are dealing with an interactive world. Racing games are limited to having a few cars and different racetracks to race on. With the game like this, various story lines, different characters, a massive world to explore and battles are only a few aspects included.

The first version of NeverWinter Nights was launched in the early nineties. Even though new sequences have been launched, players need to take this into consideration. Computers back then did not offer the same hard drive space or graphics, which obviously had a rather big effect on the game.


When the game was first launched, it became known as one of the most advanced role-playing games available. It was one of the first game as the used three-dimensional graphics and finer details in every aspect of the game. However, there were places the improvement could do a lot for the game, but at the same time, the developer considered the graphic requirements that could limit some players from the enjoying the game.

Various patches were launched only a few years after the initial launch of the game, which improved graphics and sound quality. Some users also modify the game and changed small details such as changing the blocks that the given as hands, into actual hands. These patches also improved the environment and the detail that came with clothing items and other characters that approach you.

The toolset that allows players to create their own world also saw various improvements created by players. With the toolset, players could develop their own world while modifying the game for increased graphics.

This sequel to the first variation made yet another impressive stand for the gaming world. Since computers have evolved by this time and the game became available on more platforms, the developer was able to spend more time on finer details and a more realistic world.


Surprisingly, the sound quality has never been a problem among reviewers. Players have the ability to experience highly impressive sound quality that included background noise and different voices for every character. Small sounds such as the footsteps of a character approaching or the sound of flames from your torch for all included. Obviously, this sequel also the included better sound quality, but not many additional sounds were added, which was key to the success of the first variation.

Our View

Like any other game there are a few players that have experienced difficulty with items that are missing or that simply don’t work. This could be caused by many reasons including faulty installation or that your screen card driver simply needs an update. NeverWinter Nights was definitely an advanced gaming experience for its time. Many players still play the first variation of the game today with the online ability and patches that increase the graphics and overall gaming experience. The later versions are definitely a step up from the first variation, while offering a similar story line as the first game.