Understanding Controls

Each variation of the game and sequel will present additional controls and options that can be used. Even though these controls may never be completely different, it would still be a good idea to review them quickly to ensure everything you need is at your fingertips. With this article, we will review some of the basic controls that are available with the first variation of the game. As mentioned above, many additional controls might have been added, by the standard game controls will remain the same.

Getting Started

Once the game has launched for the very first time you will be required to select a new campaign. After this, the game will require you to select a character or design a whole new one from scratch. The features, abilities, and strength of the character will determine the types of rooms that you will be able to go into later on in the game. Various types of characters are available including ranger, fighter, rogue and many others. Once your character has been selected or designed, the next level awaits.

First of your character will be entered into a tutorial to show you all the different aspects of the game. Buttons including map, journal, rest, options, inventory, character sheet, spellbook, and the player list will always be available in the top right-hand corner of your screen. These buttons are used throughout the game to get information and give you player actions to complete.

The tutorial will continue into the NeverWinter’s training academy. In this academy, you will begin with a room in the senior barracks. Another character called Pavel you will approach you and welcome you to the game. After a short discussion, you will need to see his brother who is known as Bim. Many of the game controllers will be covered by Bim, he will also explain the different actions that these controls provide and how they can benefit your game. He will then open the door and allow you through to the training halls.

The next step will depend on your character and the rumors he needs to visit. Other characters will meet up with you and provide you all the information you need to know about your character. From there, combat training will be provided, giving you the edge when it comes to a battle. This training will also include testing your weapons and the damage they can do.
Your character will then move forward and receive weather training that includes using your spells. The instructor will ask you to destroy a statue in the middle of the room, which will require the player to access the spellbook. From there, players could go to the healing tour reel or staff training, which once again depends on the characters.

Entering the Game

Once all the training has been completed, you will meet up with Lady Aribeth. Your objective is to help the other trainees defend the grounds and protect the creatures. Lady Aribeth will provide you with a key that gives you access to the second floor, which is where the main game begins.